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Why Is Photo Quality Declining on Instagram?

Why Is Photo Quality Declining on Instagram?

With Instagram, which is one of the most salient social media platforms, thousands of pictures appear every day. Although photo and video uploads are carried out, the highest quality should be expected in this regard. It is known that each Instagram user is in search of a solution for the decrease in photo quality, which is among the issues they are exposed to. In addition to the photo and video uploads, the implementation of the highest quality in this regard also be expected.

With an Instagram focus, photo sharing takes place effectively. It is also quite simple for users to search for a solution to a possible problem in their existing profiles. However, with taking the right steps, accessing clearer pictures and presenting them to the followers will be among the situations that can happen.

How to Adjust Instagram Photo Quality?

It is necessary to be careful in the shooting process during the period before uploading photos to Instagram. The highest quality pictures can be accessed in this format.

  • The shots to be taken should be done under the right light. Insufficient or wrong lighting will affect the photo quality.
  • Excessive lighting will result in images that are dark or too bright.
  • In case of shooting with mobile devices, necessary shooting adjustments must be made. It is very important to choose between shooting modes such as portrait and HDR.
  • It is also important to focus while taking a picture. In order not to be exposed to vibration, the use of a tripod is also recommended during this period.
  • Effects can also be used to make photos look better.